·  Drama

·  Sweden


Susanne Frank is a fashion photographer and Doris is a model. They go to Gothenburg for a photo shoot, but foremost they go there to find love and escape from the agony that is love. It is a film about materialism and consumerism, how they tear people apart and build impenetrable walls around us. In Gothenburg Susanne’s obsession with her long lost love Henrik comes into full blossom and Doris meets an odd old man, Otto, who offers her the moon and more if she just spends her day with him. In the absence of God and religion, material things have become the objects to worship and man’s vanity is more important than happiness in the rugged modern world. Otto is looking for someone to care about since his wife is and has been in en asylum for 23 years, Henrik is soul- and penniless, Doris is longing for her young love and Susanne wants to find a meaning beneath all the superficiality.