Magic Journey to Africa

Magic Journey to Africa


·  Adventure / Drama / Family

·  Spain


Inspired by her encounter with a young bushman boy that she meets on the streets of Barcelona, Jana, a lively and curious ten-year-old girl, embarks on an imaginary journey to the Namib desert, accompanied by her magical winged horse. She is searching for answers for the many questions which arise from her encounters with other children, animals and natural phenomena. She discovers the difficult living conditions of the desert's inhabitants, and how they manage to survive. She also discovers the surprising nature of some animals she finds on her way, such as foxes, elephants, monkeys, giraffes and lions, whose behavior is often similar to that of humans, both in their capacity to love as in some less positive aspects.

In a Himba village, she meets a young boy her age, Mel, who will accompany her on her journey in search of the country of dreams and magical creatures. Mel will guide her through surprising encounters with magical beings, such as the Spirit of the Fire and the Guardian of Stories, and he will teach her traditions and beliefs of the African people, such as the Tree of Ancestors or the Temple of the Elephants. She will also meet a young girl,, who lives with her mother in a plant hospital, and who will give her one of the magical stones that the bushman boy has left so that she may follow his trail.

Finally, Jana, with the help of a singular Fairy who will teach her some of the secrets of life, will discover that her heart and imagination are essential in order to overcome the many obstacles that may appear in her way.

MAGIC JOURNEY TO AFRICA is a 3D film that combines real images with animation and visual effects, enhancing the spectacularity of the three dimensions. It is based on an inspirational contemporary tale addressed to audiences of all ages around the world, a story that has reminiscences of "The Little Prince" and "Alice in Wonderland," and that inspires fantasy, emotions and entertainment.